Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Finale

I have just watched the final episode of Save the Supers, a show created by Sandeep Parikh and uploaded to YouTube.

If you couldn't tell from the title, the show is about a team of Super-Heroes, who battle evil and tackle budgetary problems on a weekly basis.

Since the first video I have really liked the show, and while the videos themselves aren't that long, you still get to know the characters, and the storyline is easy to understand yet still manages to be funny within a 5 minute time limit. But I think the best part for me are the Super Villain cameos, made by well-known Nerd Icons (I won't spoil it, you'll have to watch them yourselves).

Anyway, just a short post today. I wanted to get something posted about Nerdy things (not that Korean Rap isn't Nerdy).

So, Share with your friends, Comment and watch the Yogscast.


Monday, 24 September 2012

Oppa is Gangnam Style

I know I said I would be writing more often, but I've been busy so I thought today as a bit of a break from the Nerd, I'd write about a certain Korean Artist, which after watching his video I just couldn't pass up.

So, hopefully you've seen the Korean music video by Psy, called Gangnam Style.

For me, it was arguably the best thing to happen to Korean Rap since the... other good things which happened in Korean Rap...

Ok, so you may have worked out that I'm not an expert in Korean Rap, but even I know that if it's good enough to be shown on television and YouTube around the world then it has to be brilliant, because I have not seen any other Korean songs in my relatively short life.

And the dance...

I had seen the dance before, but I had no idea what it was until my friends started dancing the Gangnam Style in a rock disco we go to sometimes, it was the first and only night so far that I have danced at that disco. (But that's usually because they play Metallica and Avenged Sevenfold... Not many opportunities to dance really...)

In any case, Psy has to be the coolest guy I've seen all week, partly because of the song but mainly because he Suited Up!

In related news, Psy also released the... well, the same song, but with another artist by the name of Hyuna singing with him. Even though it's pretty much exactly the same, it's had a much worse reception. I'm not sure why the people don't like it, but then again, a few days ago I saw a YouTuber berating his fellow commentors who like Minecraft, by saying that they weren't true gamers because Minecraft has bad graphics.

It's unexplainable. (And in the case of the Minecraft Commenter , infuriating)

But I still like both versions. And Minecraft.

I will write again soon, so in the meantime, share with your friends, comment, and read Game of Thrones.


Saturday, 15 September 2012

A Nerds Lament

So a couple of days ago I decided to venture into Birmingham, in search of a new, hopefully luckier, dice set. Sadly, the only place I know of to get dice is a tiny shop hidden away in a dark little alley in the city. People walk past this shop all the time, for example, when I was walking up to it, I was behind a group of about 20, none of whom paid any attention to it, much like that pub in the Harry Potter books, it must only be visible to Nerds...

I'm not sure if there are other shops like this in England, I haven't seen one anywhere else, and to me, it's depressing, I mean, sure, Nerds do seem to buy everything we need right off the Internet, but still... I like the journey to the city, walking around the "Nerdy" shops, always saving the best for last, that quiet little shop in the centre of Birmingham, unnoticed by the masses. There should be more shops like this, where Nerds can go to meet their kin.

Sure, you could argue that we have video-game stores, but since the creation of games such as Modern Warfare, they've become increasingly mainstream... I suppose, inferring the need for Nerds to shop online...

I know that every other social clique has their own place to socialise, and even though we do pretty much Own the Interweb, and even with the creation of games such as Guild Wars, where you can buy Guild Halls and hang out with friends there, I still think that there isn't any substitute for time with friends IRL.

In other news, I will be trying to write for this blog more often than the last few months, I haven't really had any inspiration for posts recently, but I'm getting back on track.

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