Friday, 15 February 2013

What your d6 can do for you

I was watching the Big Bang Theory today. Sheldon decided that for an extended period of time he would let all of his "minor" decisions be dictated by the roll of dice.

I was intrigued. So I researched the idea and found a book which was written in the 1970s called "The Dice Man" by George Cockcroft under the pseudonym Luke Rhinehart. It tells the story of a psychiatrist who decides to make life decisions on the roll of a dice (he takes it to extremes, but it does make for a good novel, and I doubt you'd want to read about some guy rolling dice to decide whether he should get a haircut or what movie he should watch that night).

The books tag line says "Few novels will change your life. This one will" apparently taking into account the very real possibility of jail-time, but yes, somehow it will be changing your life. (Of course, jail would only happen if you have illegal choices on your lists and follow your dice completely).

It's all about liberation, knowing that you could end up doing anything with anyone and committing to that idea. Part of me would really like to try this, but I know the way I roll dice. It would end badly, and quickly.

Some time after writing previous sentence say... after lunch

So I successfully used the dice for a decision. I wanted to mix up my lunch routine and choose something I wouldn't normally. It was a good idea, had fairly minimal consequences and I won't be arrested for choosing something I don't want.

Lunch was good. Fish and Chips. Thank you, my "trusty" d6. But I don't think I could trust my life to it just yet.

Just a short post today. I'll try and write again soon.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


It has been a long time since I’ve written anything for the blog, and I know I risk annoying the many (seven) readers that we may or may not have, but I’ve been busy and I don’t think Cam is writing at the moment. But hey, we forgot (hmm, an intentional link to the title).

Anyway, since the last time I posted… not much has happened.

Except... I was invited to a Harry Potter themed birthday party, which, if it’s like the Rocky Horror party last year (of which there are definitely no embarrassing pictures of everyone involved) it will be brilliant. There is however, one downside. I have become what I always feared. A Harry Potter nerd… Because of course, I wasn’t before…

But if, like me, you too are a HP nerd, then I would have to recommend Don't know what that is? It doesn't matter, because until last week neither did I. It's a website where you have the opportunity to explore the books in much more detail, be sorted into a house, brew potions and even have wizard duels with other students. I'm in Ravenclaw... He says proudly...

So, for the party I have chosen to be Lupin, because I didn't know how hard it was to find a brown suit and travelling cloak. It's weird, but I'm having more trouble finding a suit than a cloak (thank you Halloween).

I was thinking since it's Valentines Day soon, I'd write about that, maybe a quick quote from Dumbledore, but maybe later when it's actually V-Day.

Anyway, since I have a habit of writing posts and forgetting to publish them, I'm adding part of another post into this one. 

When in Doubt, Always Follow Your Nose

I have just finished watching a brilliant YouTube video (three months ago now), featuring the creation of amazing Minecraft builders. I spent the entire time in shock and awe. At one point a builder stated that if the Mines of Moria were to scale (1:1) it would have taken about 5 hours to walk through, (four days Gandalf, really?) it's 1:2 so I imagine it would still take quite a while, if you don't get lost along the way... [insert evil laugh here]

They built Middle-Earth in Minecraft...

According to the people in the video, they built it by hand. And when I say they built it by hand, I mean everything was built by hand, even the landscapes. They do have a very large team though, so don't feel too bad about your building skills when you do go back to your own world.

If you are interested, here is the first video (there are two others). They don't show you everything, but what they do show you is amazing.

Hope you enjoyed this little compound post.

Farewell Nerds.
And a very early Happy Birthday my Harry Potter loving friend! (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)