Friday, 2 November 2012

Because 7 8 9

So... I read in some news article today, I forget which... But it's been announced that Disney has bought the Star Wars franchise, or something to that effect.

They are planning to make Star Wars VII by 2015 and then VIII and IX in later years. Let's just digest that for a moment... Consider the implications... Doesn't look good, does it?

Anyway! We have just over 2 years to wait before that happens, let's focus on more immediate things.

Like... It's almost the End of The World, if you believe the Mayan calendars (personally, I think they're just hinting at a new one for Christmas and it just got blown out of proportion).

Assassin's Creed III has this as part of the main story-line, not having the game you are in no danger of spoilers, but I can say this; there will be Assassins on a boat. I know, it isn't quite Snakes on a Plane, but it'll get there, don't worry.

I've heard good and bad things about the game, mainly about the simplified controls, which no one can seem to agree on, and the sometimes poor frame rate. But the mini- games, side missions and naval battles are all quite intriguing, and I really want to try the new Co-op missions... I have no doubt I will get this game eventually, but when that will be, with all the new games coming out, I don't know...

If the world doesn't end by 21st December, maybe I'll get it for Xmas, but Desmond can solve that problem.

Finally, to our small audience and chance readers; Yes, I mean you! Hopefully starting soon, Cam will begin writing again, maybe some things about Dota 2, who knows?

So, look forward to that, and I'll be writing something new soon.

Happy Nerdings!

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