Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Will Do Zombie Stuff For Brains

With the release of The Walking Dead game, we must once again start thinking about how we would survive the seemingly inevitable zombie-infested apocalypse. It's not enough to have a 'solid' plan, you can never be sure if something will happen to change the plan for you. So, do you raid the supermarkets, find a good defensive area and hide out until it passes (if it ever does) or try your hand at being a hero, save everyone you can and risk your life for the safety of strangers?

I'm pretty sure that our audience, being Nerds, have many, many plans to do with this already, I know I do. But, because of Hollywood zombie films, I imagine some people are starting to think that it will be easy to survive with little or no help. I mean, a World of Warcraft veteran, with a double-barrel shotgun who had trouble with a single zombie-girl in his own apartment just randomly meeting a zombie killing machine? That's just not going to happen. And the victory scene at the carnival, complete with bright lights and a cacophony of music? There wouldn't have been time for a make-out session with the surprisingly hot girl you randomly found in a country at least 5x the size of the UK (I mean, I'm assuming they wanted to live, and considering the WoW vet's state of virginity, I think he definitely would) there was a whole town of zombies out there, and I'm guessing Tallahassee doesn't have the infinite bullets he would have if he were playing Left 4 Dead. Of course, I'm not saying that they definitely would have been overrun with zombies, I'm just saying that it's unlikely that a few weren't lagging behind, or maybe, had lost limbs and couldn't run as fast as their other zombie-friends... poor legless zombie... all alone... without a brain to munch on... "Don't give him your brains kids, he'd only use it for drugs!"
Will Do Zombie Stuff For Brains!
Not bad for Paint, while being continually interrupted by fire alarms!
(Speech Bubbles: "What's Zombie Stuff?"
"Dont Look At Him Kids, If He Wants Brains, He'll Have To Get A Job Like The Rest Of Us!")

Oversharing?.. Anyway...

Regardless of what I have just been saying, small groups do have good points, while smaller groups can remain unseen for longer and don't require as much food they don't really work for a long term plan. And of course, larger groups are the opposite. Larger groups have higher defensive capabilities, can stay in one safe location for longer before moving and can maintain larger stocks of food before having to venture into the unknown to restock.

So, if you remained interested after my partial rant and slight descent into madness, I would like to know what you think. How would you survive the apocalypse? Would you find a group of people you could trust and roam the post-zombie world in search of food and a place to live? Would you stay in one place, using your wits to find and grow your own food, and taking in survivors whenever they appeared? Or would you do something completely different?

Comment and tell me what you think you would do.



  1. The title was what grabbed me to this article. Haha

  2. Awesome! I'm glad you enjoyed the title at least :)