Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Bioware: Why you no Indoctrinated? (Minor spoilers)

My favorite game series of all time has to be the Mass Effect trilogy, apart from issues with Mass Effect one (another blog for another time) and back in march they released the alleged final much awaited game of the series.

Now, I don't know about you guys but I was pumped, it was all me and my friends would talk about. I was late on the 'how awesome is mass effect' bandwagon, but two to that point was my favorite game i had ever played and the end set it up the third perfectly, we knew that the reapers (if you don't who they are, come on now play Mass Effect) were going come in full force and are going to try to cleanse the galaxy of organic life and it was up to one man to stop them Commander Shepard, cue awesome music.

Now, the story of three is of desperation, of heartache, of suffering and of the brightest hope in the galaxy, Commander Shepard. This game seriously accesses all of your emotions you will laugh, feel despair, be jubilant and cry....... yes i cried, i'm not a wimp, it's sad!

After all of you trials and tribulations comes the ending of the game. I couldn't wait to see what happens, you make choices throughout the whole series that have drastic impacts of the whole galaxy (Genophage anyone?) and couldn't wait to see how my choices effected how the game concludes. The developer Bioware stated that the game had sixteen different endings, OK i expected more due to how many world changing decisions there are, but still SIXTEEN endings!! I was psyched.


And then came the ending. WHY! WHY! WHHHHYYYYY!!!!! I won't go into details on how it ends, but most avid fans of the series would agree that when they played, thought it sucked. Also not sixteen endings the same ending no matter what you choose with variation of colour differences that are different. Even the best ending seemed to be crappy (the breath?) . I like a lot fans felt a little distressed and sickened by something that we as fans we invested time, money and emotion into this universe and they end it that badly. I would of taken the Dallas 'Bobby Ewing gets out of the shower and reassures us the ending was all just a dream.

Then a saving grace, 'The Indoctrination theory'. Turning what would have been the worst ending to an amazing story ever, into one of the greatest endings that we never saw. Please watch this incredible video by Youtuber ACAVYOS explaining the theory. The realisiation of all the pieces falling in place hits you like a lightning bolt of hope, making you think this could be one of the best plot points in gaming.

Combine these theories with tweets from the mass effect twitter page like:
“Hardest. Day. Ever. Seriously,
if you people knew all the stuff we are planning you’d, well – you'd hold onto your copy of me3 forever.”
-Michael Gamble's Twitter Account

This sort of post makes believe that the indoctrination theory is correct and seeing these makes me hopeful, however recent news from Bioware and EA states that the ending remains, it just becomes further explained....Bullcrap, why go into further detail into the things we dislike?

If it's not the ending, then fans who subscribe to the theory will be furious that Bioware refuses to see how terrible are the original ending is, on it's own. Even if the indoctrination theory is correct, isn't it sad that Bioware did this, probably to make DLC money. If it was included in the game from the beginning as the true ending, i would have bowed at Bioware and Casey Lynch (Developer of the Mass Effect series) feet and said "I will buy all of your games as you have created the best video game series with the best possible ending", but i can't and it hurts that i can't.

I believe in Indoctrination..... I believe in Shepard.


  1. It is such a shame that Mass Effect 3 has such a……controversial ending because the game itself is excellent. The extended cut DLC will force me to finish the game a second time as at the moment I can’t bring myself to do that final mission again (even with a ME2 imported character with all squad members saved and enough war assets to get the ‘best’ endings).

    I have mixed opinions on Indoctrination theory, I would confine it to clutching at straws if it didn’t kind of fit in and create a better ending than the one we currently have. But if it is true then I can’t wait for ME4 where we get to fight the Reapers again but with no Crucible, no military ships and no Shepard being an ass to everyone.

    But aside from that I can’t wait to see what BioWare has in store for us.

  2. yeah very good points, we shouldn't be dissapointed to see - priority: Earth come up on screen, but still a great game.

  3. a game this gd deserves such a betta endin i wasnt a fan of mass effect 1 at all but i thoroughly enjoyed mass effect 3 cudnt put it dwn once i started but once again that endin wasnt bad just not gd enough for the game