Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My First Post: The beginning, a nerds quest

Hey fellow nerdonians Cam here. Me and my good friend Oli about half a year back started thinking about putting together a site, to include gaming, comics, TV& film based content, which could be short films, machinima web comics and a whole mess of stuff that appeal to the inner nerd in us, as we all have that side within us, it's just the extent of this that varies (level 15 nerd, but i do have a full paragon bar).

We hope this is the first step to this site which we are creating. The site is in it's 'pre-production' phase at  the moment and we hope to provide some good, funny content on here until we sort out the logistics of the site.

You can expect a whole variety of gaming related blogs, being the two video gaming fanboys we are, we will talk on subject ranging from who are the best crew members in the mass effect series (Garrus, Legion and Thane obviously) to why EA hates gamers (allegedly, cause let's not get sued here).

Thank you for baring through this slightly expositional beginning to my blogging, it gets funnier from hear i swear.

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