Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Miracle of Sound: A Gamers Virtuoso

Hey Guys, Cam here and I want to talk music...... well music about video games. Ever played a game that was so epic that there should be a song about it, or a game character who you felt deserved some badass theme music as you were awesoming around with them? Then look no further than the incredible 'Miracle Of Sound'. I first heard a 'Miracle of Sound' song about three months ago, and the music captured what I love about my favourite video games so well, I bought his album straight away. I wasn't disappointed.

I put a video of his awesome, 'Commander Shepard' song, in my blog entry about the ending of Mass Effect 3. I'm gonna link in some more videos of his at the bottom of this post. Guys if you love video games, you will love this guys music, go to his YouTube page and show him some love. What do you guys think? Comment below let us now and please follow us my fellow nerdmigos.

Cam Out.

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  1. I think this guy is brilliant. I must listen to The Mind of The Bat at least once a day.